RETROSPECTION: September 2017

it’s official: now that summer and I have broken up, autumn is moving in. we’ve shared a closet together but it’s time to clean out my wardrobe and switch from t-shirts to hoodies and coats. the new season didn’t just slowly move in though, it brought a few unwelcome visitors like any heartbreak would and so […]


another month, another retrospection… because so much has happened in June! it comes handy that I usually take pictures everywhere I am (right now there are exactly 38.194 photos in my phone gallery, of which 6.943 are selfies and 3.479 screenshots #randomfacts) and scrolling through my gallery helps me remember 😉 after I have dedicated […]


ich möchte mich in diesem Monatsrückblick einem besonderen Thema widmen und nicht wie üblich über einige meiner Favoriten schreiben, denn manchmal können auch die schönsten und aufregendsten neuen Dinge nicht darüber hinweg täuschen, dass manche Dinge einfach nicht gerecht sind. letzten Monat (Mai 2017) hat das Aktionsbündnis gegen Homophobie e.V. mit der Initiative Ehe für Alle eine […]


J A N U A R Y Starting with this one, I decided to dedicate a post every month to a review of the last 30 days. This will also give me the chance to write about my favourites, events, music, films or tv shows that were worth watching or speaking about. So welcome to my first RETROSPECTION! 🙂 Amsterdam & […]