RETROSPECTION: September 2017

it’s official: now that summer and I have broken up, autumn is moving in. we’ve shared a closet together but it’s time to clean out my wardrobe and switch from t-shirts to hoodies and coats. the new season didn’t just slowly move in though, it brought a few unwelcome visitors like any heartbreak would and so […]

LOOK AT ME: yellow shmellow

  summer is almost over and although I already secretly dream of finding my perfect coat for fall season, I hope to extend the sunny days by wearing bright colours. so I put on my new yellow oversize shirt with laced up sleeves and combined it with my must have piece for the upcoming season, […]

O, Heidi Where Art Thou?

…wahrscheinlich irgendwo in der Schweiz, denn dort spielt die Serie. Nicht in Österreich. Jedoch hab ich mich immer wieder an Heidi erinnert gefühlt, als ich meine letzte Woche in Semmering, einem kleinen Ort in den Bergen Niederösterreichs, unweit der Hauptstadt Wien, verbrachte. Das progressive „Männer Mode Magazin“ Vangardist lud Influencer für die kommende Nostalgia Issue in […]