RETROSPECTION: September 2017

it’s official: now that summer and I have broken up, autumn is moving in. we’ve shared a closet together but it’s time to clean out my wardrobe and switch from t-shirts to hoodies and coats. the new season didn’t just slowly move in though, it brought a few unwelcome visitors like any heartbreak would and so I caught a really bad cold that turned into a two-week long sinus infection. I managed to stay at home for three days but there were planes to take and trains to catch and after my second flight, the infection worsened and as a result, I couldn’t hear anything for a few days. after taking antibiotics for a while, I finally feel better and can get back to a more work-friendly mood. being sick for almost three weeks eventually took a toll on my mental health as well. I just wanted to break down my last three weeks for you, so you understand why there haven’t been any new looks up on the blog. I tried my best to keep you up to date on my social media but the downside of being sick while working freelance is that you suddenly cannot give 100% if you actually want to get well soon. apart from that, it. has been an exciting month anyway and here are some of my highlights in my Retrospection: September.

right at the beginning of the month, I’ve been on a short trip to Turin, Italy with foodora and lufthansa. we had the pleasure of trying food from several different partner restaurants of the food delivery service including fusion pizza, fusion sushi and the best ice cream I’ve had in my life (hands down!). If you ever have the chance, grab a scoop of the Tiramisu gelato at Alberto Marchetti. It’s like the best Tiramisu you can imagine right on your tongue, sliding down your throat, unfolding the taste of heaven inside your body.

take a look at the goodfood tour in Turin in the video below

back in Berlin, we finally celebrated the opening of my friend Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert’s gallery space in Mitte which you might have already seen if you follow me on Instagram. for instance, I celebrated my birthday there and I also use it as a working space.

a few days later, the Lollapalooza festival took place for the third time in Berlin but changed locations again. to be honest, the whole festival was a tad chaotic and the weather kinda sucked but I still had a great time together with got2b and I teamed up with ASOS for some cool festival styles.

flared pants: coexist berlin + shirt: american vintage + leather jacket: made in berlin vintage + glasses: asos + shoes: vagabond

for a few weeks in September, Louis Vuitton opened a time capsule exhibition displaying some of their most iconic bags and collaborations like the graffiti collection by Marc Jacobs or this year’s Jeff Koons and Supreme collaboration.

the whole thing was quite small but interesting and offered details and more insight behind the mind’s of the collaborators. almost every one (including me) found the pieces of the Koons collection rather ugly but the whole idea behind it is based on the concept of real and fake art. for instance, the Mona Lisa used on the bag is actually not the real Mona Lisa but a copy of a copy.

for one night only, I packed my bags for a short trip to Vienna for the 10 year anniversary party of Madonna magazine. I took the chance for some sightseeing although I didn’t want to leave my cozy hotel room at the Grand Ferdinand. check out their new restaurant and get some „Schnitzel Love“ if you are staying in Vienna.

at the end of the month, I was invited to Hamburg for a first look at the Kinky Boots musical that will start playing in Hamburg from December 3rd in Operettenhaus right at Reeperbahn. the musical originally premiered in Chicago in 2012 and has since been a success on Broadway and in London. the musical is an adaption of the 2005 comedy film by the same name and deals with a struggling shoe factory owner that has the brilliant idea to produce custom footwear for drag queens. Cyndi Lauper, who wrote the songs for the musical was also on stage in Hamburg to introduce the musical to the German audience. some of the original cast from Broadway performed, the German actors premiered the first German adaption of one of the songs and later on the cast partied with us to some groovy 70s music. I can’t wait for the musical premiere and if you’re a fan of either musicals, drag queens or The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you should check out the musical soon.

talking about drags queens… I’ve done drag for the second time last month for a video I did with my friend and drag queen Candy Crash. I’m spilling some tea about my past while my face gets beaten my Candy. check it out below:

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