with my latest retrospection you get two for one! since my post about march would have been a little late, I decided to put march & april together and make it a little spring package 😊


spring time also means a new season for visiting flea markets! Berlin offers quite a few while the most famous one surely still is Mauerpark flea market, taking place every Sunday in a park on the edge of Prenzlauer Berg. although I’ve used to enjoy that particular flea market a lot in the past, it has changed within the last two years. new investors somehow changed the idea of it and turned it into some tourist trap. you might still find me there occasionally but I find it to be extremely over-prized by now, merchants refuse to bargain at all and half the stands offer Berlin souvenirs and stuff you can find at any other place (like, why would you want to buy crayons at a flea market?). you can still find rarities if you’re up for the search (I got my Like a Prayer vinyl at one of the record stands for just 10€ & recently found an amazing vintage Christian Dior camel coat) but the magic of Mauerpark seem to have faded. the best reason to still go there is the other half of the park where you can watch street musicians play and just enjoy cool drink on the grass. that still feels like a festival every Sunday!

PS: my new favourite spots to go vintage shopping in Berlin right now are Humana and ReSales. they’re not cool or stylish enough to attract an it-crowd so all the best pieces stay longer on the reck and just wait for you to find them.


my dear friend Alina has been working on her debut album for more than two years by now but a few weeks ago she finally had a showcase at Berghain Kantine, singing most of her new material. she’s got one of the best voices you’ve heard in Germany in a while and if you’re a fan of big melodramatic, heartbreaking songs with a touch of blue-eyed soul, you should wait for her debut coming out this fall. PS: she sings in German though.


one of the most talked about events this spring was with no doubt Coachella. the music and arts festival in the Californian desert has sold about 100.000 tickets this year and draws an international crowd. for a weekend almost every Instagram feed seems to have been flooded by photos of the festival. however, everything that is hyped that immensely also attracts haters – ironically that only seemed to hype the festival even more and pushed some more coachella related content into our feeds. no matter which side you were on, there was no getting around noticing the festival in the valley. I’ve put some more thoughts down in my own Coachella article (spoiler alert: I loved it!).


after arriving in LA (right after the festival still with sand in my hair), I got the chance to attend the premiere of the new Netflix show girlboss which depicts the autobiographic story of Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal. season 1 starts with what I would call 23-year-old-punk-Sophia who’s dumpster-diving and shop-lifting or simply avoiding anything that could be associated with growing-up. trying to make a decent living without any great responsibility, she turns her love for vintage fashion into an eBay shop which eventually will be the start for something even bigger. although young Sophia might seem narcissistic and neurotic, I enjoyed the first episodes and my verdict as a very serious tv show critic is funny and empowering. after the premiere we took the chance to go dancing with Sophia Amoruso herself and I actually took my first selfie with a celebrity ever with none other that RuPaul who – by the way – plays Sophia’s neighbour on the show.

the first season is available on Netflix now.


my favourite item this spring? my surprisingly cheap highlighter called ice queen from the nyx countering pro palette that gets crazily often complimented, no matter whether I am dancing at a drag show in Berlin or at a blow dry bar in West Hollywood. whenever I get asked which highlighter I use and I tell them that nyx one, they seem surprised because they expect a much pricier product.

you can get the palette online here

PS: #notsponsored 💞 however, I got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit and in a few weeks I’ll be able to tell you how people react to that highlighter 😏

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