another month, another retrospection… because so much has happened in June! it comes handy that I usually take pictures everywhere I am (right now there are exactly 38.194 photos in my phone gallery, of which 6.943 are selfies and 3.479 screenshots #randomfacts) and scrolling through my gallery helps me remember 😉

after I have dedicated my entire retrospection last month to the campaign „Ehe für Alle“ aiming at realising marriage equality for LG people in Germany, I am more than thrilled and blissfully happy to write down these words: at the end of June, chancellor Merkel opened a Bundestag vote on marriage equality and a huge majority voted YES! the law is going to pass soon and the day the result was announced, I’ve been crying happy tears all day. a few weeks prior a friend asked his boyfriend to marry him and I expect that couple to be the first gay wedding that I’ll attend.

in celebration of marriage equality finally becoming a reality in Germany, I raise this digital pride flag! better late than never.


so what’s the best way to celebrate this long-overdue achievement? exactly, by putting on some highlighter that’s so bright it can be used as a mirror. my favourite right now is show gold by mac cosmetics and it people in the streets screaming „highlighter on fleek!“

get the peachy gold extra dimension highlighter here ✨

I’ve never been running after trendy superfoods but there’s a new trend dish in town that I actually welcome with open arms: I’ve seen poké bowls the first time at the Coachella festival, tried them the first time shortly after at Soho House Berlin and now there’s a whole restaurant offering various bowls in Mitte called Maloa poke.

still confused what I am talking about? Poké bowls are a traditional Hawaiian dish, while poke literally means „to slice“. It can be described as a fish salad cause it’s main ingredient is sliced raw fish like tuna or salmon. Mixed with greens, rice and sauce, it’s not only healthy but filling and super yummy.

last month, I also was invited by google to celebrate the worldwide launch of their „we wear culture“ project. the site lets you easily access fashion collections from various museums like the Metropolitan in New York or the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin. in collaboration with curators more than 450 exhibits were created that can be viewed through different formats, like video or augmented reality glasses.

if you’re curious, check it out here.

I’m wearing in the cover photo/photos by J.W. Ohlert

red velvet pants by asos

band shirt is vintage

denim jacket by cross jeans

shoes by vans

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