Starting with this one, I decided to dedicate a post every month to a review of the last 30 days. This will also give me the chance to write about my favourites, events, music, films or tv shows that were worth watching or speaking about. So welcome to my first RETROSPECTION! 🙂

Amsterdam & Fashion Week

January 2017 has started with a short trip to Amsterdam that I summed up in detail in a post before. This was also the trip to give me one of my favourite leather coats ever and where I would find a rose-coloured rose pin that would make one of my favourite hats even more special!

Fashion Week has taken place once again in the German capital and I have summed up my experience in a previous post titled „Stay Punk!“. Both my rose and coat from Amsterdam were essential to my fashion week this season. After changing locations already a few times, for the first time it took place in an actual building and not a temporary tent: Kaufhaus Jandorf is an old abandoned Mall building and it was a perfect fit for fashion week with its unfinished, industrial look.

Burn Fear!

The Women’s March took place in many big cities in the world, mostly in the United States, especially in Washington DC. Almost 3 million people came to demonstrate peacefully and together in solidarity to fight for women’s rights and equal rights. I spent a whole day watching videos and news about the marches that I find utterly inspiring. Especially Ashley Judd, reciting a poem by Nina Donovan caught my attention:

Talking about equal rights and feminism, the book I am currently reading is a perfect fit for the Women’s March. Bad Feminist is a collection of several essays by American writer Roxane Gay. I’ve just read the first few chapters but was already caught by her way of describing what she means by „bad feminist“. She writes that „we all don’t have to believe in the same feminism. Feminism can be pluralistic so as long we respect the different feminisms we carry with us. […] Feminism will better succeed with collective effort, but feminist success can also rise out of personal conduct. […] When you can’t find someone to follow, you have to find a way to lead by example. I’m raising my voice as a bad feminist. I am raising my voice as a bad feminist.“

Interior Stories

January also marked the month in which I finally started re-decorating my apartment in Berlin. I now have a wonderful book table from Urban Outfitters and a new obsession: my first vinyl player! It started when I visited a friend at the end of last year and we were playing his records. It reminded me of childhood days when my father refused to get a CD player and I wasn’t allowed to touch his record player. In times of streaming, it makes me happy to get my favourite records on vinyl and start a new collection. Among my first favourites are records by Madonna (The Immaculate Collection, True Blue), Grace Jones (Nightclubbing) and Sade (Diamond Life).

Find out more about my Crosley vinyl player here and take a look at UO homeware here! <3

My movie of the month is a classic: Disney Channel invited me to a special screening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and it was great to be able to watch the movie in a cinema. If you feel like watching an old classic Hollywood movie and live in Germany, I’d recommend to tune into Disney Channel Germany Sunday evening. They’ll broadcast classics during the net week. Click here to find out which movies.

Wardrobe Stories

My favourite piece of clothing this month, definitely was my new pink denim jacket from Urban Outfitters!  It will be available this Spring!

Last but not least, as someone who I really passionate about perfume, it was exciting to get a taste of the new scent from JOOP simply called WOW!. The perfume is spicy-woody and although its marketed as masculine, I think it’s one of those wonderful scents that can be used unisex. So my perfume of the month is definitely this one!


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