RETROSPECTION: February 2017

in RETROSPECTION, every month I take a look back at the last 30something days. I talk about events, pop culture, books, music or just anything else that didn’t find a place on my blog that I still think is wirth talking about! <3

Yaaaaaas, Gaga!

February started with a musical and pop cultural BANG! as Gaga performed for the 51st Super Bowl. We were super excited for her performance and I must say that my expectations where met and I think she did everything right! It was an energetic, powerful performance that only Gaga could pull off!

She ruled February furthermore with the surprise release of her John Wayne music video shortly after the Super Bowl and made February feel like 2009 all over again.

all is pretty

February in Berlin meant a week full of film premieres and parties during the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. Now, I must admit that I haven’t seen any films but I can tell you that the Interview Magazine party with Yves Saint Laurent beauty was the best party of the Film Festival. It felt just like a party with Andy Warhol himself at the infamous Studio 54

I’ve always been a big fan of dystopian science fiction novels (one of my favourites is Brave New World, hence the title of my Strange New World tour). This month I want to introduce a book to you that some describe as a postmodern-age Brave New World novel that I’ve already read about a year ago but will be getting the movie treatment this year; The Circle by Dave Eggers is a novel taking place in a future not very far from our present day in which a young, ambitious woman starts working at a visionary, progressive tech company. The introduction of a small, innovative camera triggers events that lead to a new idea of transparent democracy. Thankful for the opportunity and eager to climb up the company’s ladder of success, she soon finds out that there might be a more dangerous side to our obsession with technology.

The favourite look I did this month were these glittery hearts around my eyes for a DJ set at Spy Club with my friend and hottest drag queen in Berlin right now Chloe Waldorf.

My new favourite thing this month are my rose-coloured aviator shades! Yes, another pair but I cannot get enough of them since I bought my first pair last August.

…over to the other side

Last but not least, I was really excited about the release of Goldfrapp’s new single Anymore which seems like a return to the electric synth-fuelled disco days of their Supernature album! Now I can’t wait anymore for the full album.

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