LOOK AT ME: End of a year '16

Bye Bye 2016!


Just ten more days left of 2016 and a very bipolar year will come to an end. The internet has already been flooded by memes and gifs revolving around how everyone seems to be utterly stressed after the last 366 days. There’s no denying that this world has been in uproar and proved to be a scary place sometimes. But in may ways I have also learned that it is more important now than ever to stay kind and giving. Because if we don’t do it, who else will?

So I’ll start next year with some advice I’ve received from a good friend. She said „have a great year, be a little bit bad, be a little bit good.“.

Some of my highlights last year definitely were my tour in Russia in September and the decision to go online with the artificial world. There were so many amazing people in my life this year and things that happened, the list could go on and on…

I’ve never been a guy to make resolutions at New Year’s Eve cause I believe you should change or try things right away if you feel you need to.

But I have a little list that I keep in mind that I want to share with you, because I thought it might inspire someone else.

  1. If you think someone is beautiful – tell them!
  2. If you want to dance, just do it.
  3. Life is amazing when you’re amazing!
  4. Be a little bit bad, be a little bit good.
  5. Stop overthinking.
  6. Impress yourself!

So, 2017 come along! I’m ready to take you on.

what I put on:

velvet blazer with fringes | asos

t shirt | uniqlo airism

pants | some black jeans

leather belt | uniqlo

mountain hat | vivienne westwood

necklace | vivienne westwood

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2 thoughts on “LOOK AT ME: End of a year '16

  1. People are always counting the seconds waiting for a new year and a new miracle. It takes only 12 months and they already are awaiting for the end of a year and beginning the next one. Always like this. I think they need to think about all the good things that they had in the year, and let the old year out with gratitude.

    P.S. You are beautiful 🙂 *off to dance*

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