LOOK AT ME: Chokers are for boys, too

C h o k e   m e . 

khaki-coloured two piece | H&M (pants and top)

down jacket in royal blue | GOOSE FEEL

white sneakers | REEBOK Classics

necklace | Vivienne Westwood 

choker | some sex shop in Hamburg, Reeperbahn

P H O T O S   BY @lenipaperboatswww.paperboats.me

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3 thoughts on “LOOK AT ME: Chokers are for boys, too

  1. Dear boy for the love of fudge cut that damn hair off and let it grow back if you love long hair so much…hair grows super fast anyway…and also it looks like a very old broom (sorry). You must have bleached it one too many times. Oh and btw I never knew chokers were girls only. No bad intentions behind my comments. Cool blog otherwise

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